Brett Eldredge Paid His Dues to Earn a Slot on the CMA Music Festival’s Biggest Stage

Warner Music Nashville

Brett Eldredge will realize his dream of playing a full set at the CMT Music Festival’s nightly concerts at LP Field this weekend. He’s been performing at the festival for years now, and Brett says he’s definitely paid his dues to get to the big stage.

“I’ve played all the little stages around here,” Brett tells ABC Radio of his past CMA Fest experiences. “Several different ones every day of the week. Signed at every booth, met every fan that I could and sweated out every single sweat drop I could possibly sweat out and learned a lot from every experience.”

Though he was frustrated he didn’t start out getting to play for the tens-of-thousands of fans at LP Field, Brett now realizes it means more to have worked his way up through the ranks.

He says, “You take all these steps, but you learn so much about yourself as an artist. I wouldn’t have been ready to be at LP when I really wanted to be there in the first place.”

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