Brett Eldredge Took a Chance with “Lose My Mind” and It Paid Off

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Even though “Lose My Mind” quickly became the fastest-rising song of Brett Eldredge’s career, currently sitting at number one on the country charts, he says it was a definite chance to take as the first single from his second CD, Illinois.

“It’s different. It’s like I wanted to shock people a little bit,” he recalls. “I wanted to break the mold a little bit and try something new.”

No doubt his three chart-toppers in a row gave him some extra courage.

“Still you know it’s me. You know that’s a Brett Eldredge song. You know it’s my voice and I’ve been fortunate because I’ve had several hit songs,” he says thankfully. “People know me now.” 

“Now it’s like I want to put this more soulful side out there. I want to get this out there,” he says of his change of direction.  “Let’s… kinda surprise ‘em a little bit and shake ‘em up a little bit.”

Ultimately, Brett says he’s grateful and relieved that “Lose My Mind” helped him avoid what can sometimes be a music industry curse.

“It’s a great feeling knowing that I don’t have to go into that sophomore slump feeling where it’s like, ‘Oh I’ve got to find that hit,’ the first one to get out there. It’s just raced up the charts and I’m pumped!” he shouts. “I’m so pumped!”

No word yet on what daring feat the man who already tried skydiving and swimming with sharks will attempt to commemorate his latest number one. This Friday, Brett performs “Lose My Mind” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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