Brett Eldredge Working on His Really Bad Golf Skills While on Tour with Darius Rucker

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When Brett Eldredge accepted a spot on golf nut Darius Rucker‘s Southern Style tour, he knew the gig would come with some mandatory time on the links. The only problem is, Brett is seriously bad at golf.

“That’s not my game,” Brett admits. “I’m trying to learn because I’m on tour with Darius, and Darius is, like, a great golfer. He’s great pals with Tiger Woods and all these people that are great golfers while I’m friends with friends that like to have drinks and play golf and are bad, too.”

Brett’s lack of golfing skills didn’t stop him from taking part in Darius’s annual golf tournament earlier this month to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Says Brett, “When it’s for St. Jude, I’ll go out there, and I will hit it into the woods a hundred times. As long as I’m helping out sick kids [and] that give ’em a shot at living a normal life like they should get to live.”

Darius and Brett are headed to St. Louis for a show this Friday night.

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