Brett Eldredge’s Career Is Going Crazy with His New Single, “Lose My Mind”

Warner Music Nashville

Brett Eldredge‘s New Artist of the Year win at last year’s CMA Awards has kicked his career into overdrive. “Lose My Mind,” the lead single from Brett’s upcoming sophomore album, is shaping up to be a big hit as a result.

Brett tells ABC Radio, “‘Lose My Mind’ is rising faster than any song I’ve ever had times 10. So, it’s good to have that momentum and people having my back out at radio.”

The song is taking over the airwaves just like the girl in the song is taking over Brett’s mind.

He explains, “[It’s about] the way girls drive you crazy in a way where you can’t get ’em out of your mind. Every thought is consumed by that girl and what they do. And I think we’ve all been there. It just has that crazy feeling.”

Brett’s as-yet-untitled sophomore album will be released later this year.

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