Brett Young takes you to the beach where he grew up


If you’d rather be at the beach right now, Brett Young is right there with you.

In a new video just posted by his label, the “Sleep Without You” singer reminisces about his summers growing up in Southern California.

“I think the reason the beach has a very dear place in my heart is because Mom, on her way to work, would drive me to the beach where she knew 15, 20 of my friends would be,” he recalls fondly. “She’d drop me off and then when she got off work in the afternoon, she’d come back and grab me. I’d spend Monday through Friday, morning to late afternoon, at the beach every day.”

Brett also travels back to where his career got his start: Santa Monica’s Sonoma Wine Garden, where he bartended and first started performing. The former athlete goes on to demonstrate his impressive prowess at the arcade basketball game Pop-a-Shot, at an after-work haunt called Barney’s Beanery.

Brett’s follow-up to his second #1, “In Case You Didn’t Know,” is his new single “Like I Loved You.”

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