Brothers Osborne Score a Gold Medal for ASCAP Song of the Year

EMI Nashville

You can’t accuse Brothers Osborne of being too caught up in the music industry hubbub. When they arrived at Monday night’s ASCAP Country Music Awards at Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium, they seemed to have very little idea their self-penned breakthrough hit, “Stay a Little Longer,” was one of the performing rights organization’s top five tunes of 2016.

“Honestly, we didn’t even really know about this. We’re kind of always the last to know about everything,” John joked. “But we got out of our Uber, and they’re like, ‘Here, put a medallion around your neck.’ We’re like, ‘That’s cool. What is that?’ and they told us what it was. It’s kinda wild,” he laughed.

“We’ve seen people with them before,” T.J. added. “We’ve been coming to these awards now for a couple of years. I never honestly knew what these gold medals were for, I just knew I always wanted one. And so finally they’re like, ‘It’s for the top-five song of the year,’ which is pretty awesome. I’m not gonna take it off at all tonight. In fact, I’m trying to figure out how to interject it into other outfits in the future!”

Imagine the unsuspecting brothers’ surprise when their signature tune went on to take home Song of the Year honors. T.J. and John’s follow-up, “21 Summer,” is making its way up the chart now.

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