Brothers Osborne Want You to Decide What “Stay a Little Longer” Is About

UMG/Sonya Jasinski

If you’re wondering what exactly Brothers Osborne’s top 15 hit “Stay a Little Longer” is about, John and T.J. say you may just have to make up your mind for yourself, since they’re fans of songs that leave the interpretation up to the listener.

They do admit they set out to write a different kind of love song than most of the ones typically on the radio. “You hear so many songs that are about being in love, so many songs about having your heart broken,” T.J. says, admitting that their current single is more about a feeling, one that tends to be the same, whether you’re at the beginning of a relationship or at the end.

“Whether it’s about that time when you’re breaking up but you’re still kind of hooking up and you’re not sure if you’re gonna get back together and it’s those times when you’re not really wanting a relationship but you kind of find yourself slowing kinda falling into that, and so it really isn’t about one thing,” he says. “It’s just about that feeling is the same whether someone’s entering your life or leaving your life.”

This Friday night, Brothers Osborne play the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, before traveling to Columbia, Missouri for their Saturday date.

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