“Buy Me a Boat” Singer Chris Janson Is Still Waiting for Someone to Buy Him a Boat

Warner Music Nashville

Country newcomer Chris Janson is flying up the country chart with his top 20 hit “Buy Me a Boat.” The song is written from the point of view of a working-class guy dreaming of having enough money to buy a boat so he can have some fun in the sun. Chris says his life isn’t that different from that of the guy in the song, which is why he still depends on friends with boats to take him out on the water.

“That’s pretty much the way I keep it, ’cause they’re so darn expensive,” Chris tells ABC Radio, “and I’ve always heard great things and problematic things [about owning a boat], so I’m just sort of right in the middle.”

These days, Chris has no time to actually get out on a boat between touring the country opening for Toby Keith and raising his four kids with his wife, south of Nashville. Since “Buy Me a Boat” is such a hit, Chris is thinking he might be able to work out a deal with a boat company at some point.

He says with a smile, “If one shows up in my driveway for free, I might take it.”

All that said, Chris admits he doesn’t know that much about boats in the first place.

“Everybody just keeps telling me that you need a Malibu boat,” Chris says. “I want something I can take my kids on skiing, I can go fishing off of, and we could just sit around and lay in the sun.”

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