Cam Plans to “Go All Out” as the Most Nominated Female at Sunday’s ACMs

ABC/Randy Holmes

With six nods heading into the show, Cam is the most-nominated female artist at this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards, all on the strength of her breakthrough hit, “Burning House.” The California native with the affinity for yellow says the impact of the song really started to hit her as she was out on tour with Brad Paisley earlier this year.

“Every night there’s a stadium full of people with their lights on their phones holding [them] up. There’s like a sea of stars and they’re all screaming every single word to this song, and it’s just surreal,” she recalls. “It’s wild just how many cover videos you see of people singing it, how many people come up to me after shows and tell me, really kind of — it’s an intense song, and so people, when they relate to it, they have usually an intense story of what it means to them in their own life.”

Cam says the sense that Music Row really championed the song also means a great deal to her.

“I feel like also the country music community was kind of rooting for this song and that’s really endearing. That feels really nice to kinda have everybody excited about something that’s a ballad that probably wasn’t everybody’s first choice for a summer hit, but everyone kinda cheered it on. It feels really good,” she reflects.

When it comes to racking up nominations like Single Record, Video, and Song of the Year, Cam confesses that’s when her success starts to feel like an out-of-body experience.

“The awards part, that is even crazier,” she says, beginning an analogy. “It seems like there’s people on this side, and then there’s like a television screen and then there’s like the people with the awards on the other side of the screen and it’s really weird that now somehow I’m on the other side of the screen sometimes. I’m gonna have the best time at the ACMs. We’re gonna go all out. Because I don’t know how many times — to be nominated six times. I don’t know how many times that happens, but I feel like this might be the only time this happens for me,” she laughs.

You can catch Cam performing and potentially taking home an armful of awards when the 51st ACM Awards air live from Las Vegas Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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