Canaan Smith Developed His Sound for a Decade in Nashville Before Making Debut Album, “Bronco”

Mercury Nashville

Canaan Smith‘s debut album, Bronco, is out this week, featuring his breakthrough hit, “Love You Like That.” Beyond the lead single, Canaan is excited for you to hear the unique sound he’s been developing on the road for the past decade. During that time, Canaan has been like a sponge, picking up whatever he can from the great singers and songwriters he’s met in Nashville over the years.

Canaan tells ABC Radio, “I’m impressed by the people around me, and it encourages me when I see something great or hear something great, it encourages me to go put it into a practice, back to the drawing board, [and figure out] how to become a better version of me because of what I’m inspired by.”

After years of keeping his mind open to new sounds and pushing his own musical boundaries, Canaan feels he’s got his own style that sets him apart from the rest of the male country singer crowd.

Canaan says of developing his music, “You finally realize, ‘Oh, all these songs that I’ve been trying to do new things on actually have their own sound, and I guess that’s my sound. Cool. I think we found something.'”

As for what his listeners will discover about him while listening to Bronco, Canaan says, “They’re gonna learn about my stomping grounds. They’re gonna learn the kind of guy I am. They’re gonna learn about the loss of my brother to a car accident when I was younger. They’re gonna learn about relationships gone wrong, relationships gone right.”

Most importantly, he adds, “They’ll probably find a big piece of themselves in these songs as they’re learning about me.”

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