Canaan Smith Remembers America’s Birthday in His Historic Hometown

UMG Nashville

For newcomer Canaan Smith, Independence Day resonates with him in a special way, having grown up in a pivotal city in the Old Dominion.

“Williamsburg, Virginia’s a spectacular place for 4th of July ’cause it’s the birthplace of our nation,” he asserts. “Really started there.  So, when we celebrate our independence, that’s a big place to do it and a great place to do it.” 

The “Love You Like That” hitmaker says the city also lives up to its historic reputation when it comes to marking America’s birthday. 

“We would do fireworks. They have a massive fireworks display. We set up a blanket on the lawn out in front of the governor’s palace in downtown Colonial Williamsburg,” he recalls. “Just a lot of fun just taking in and celebrating our freedom.”

Canaan carries on with Dierks Bentley’s Sounds of Summer 2015 Tour close to home, playing Virginia Beach, Virginia on July 9. His debut CD Bronco is in stores now.

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