Canaan Smith Says Communication Is Key in His Marriage to Wife, Christy

UMG Nashville

Canaan Smith was inspired to write his breakthrough hit, “Love You Like That,” about his wife, Christy. They tied the knot in September 2014, and Canaan says their marriage comes first in his life. They’ve also grown a lot in the past few months while living together as man and wife.

“We’re learning, basically, how to be better human beings through marriage,” Canaan tells ABC Radio. “That’s one of the best things it teaches you. It points out your imperfections so that you can become better and help somebody else become their best version of themselves, too. She does that for me on a daily basis.”

One big area Canaan has been working on with Kristy is paying attention to the day-to-day details of running a home.

He explains, “I’m no good at details! I’m used to a tour manager just saying, ‘Here. Go there. Go there.’ But in a marriage and in a real-life situation, you have to have factual details and communicate those to be successful.”

So, how is Canaan doing when it comes to paying attention to the details? He says, “We’re doing better.”

“Love You Like That” is included on Canaan’s debut album, Bronco, available now.

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