Canaan Smith Wants to Help You Tie One On with Latest Single, “Hole in a Bottle”


Canaan Smith established himself as a romantic kind of guy on his debut hit, “Love You Like That.” Now he’s out to show you he can bring the party with his second single, “Hole in a Bottle.”

“I kick off the show with ‘Hole in a Bottle,'” Canaan says. “It sets the tone for, ‘Here we go, y’all. I hope you came to party ’cause we did.'”

The song even talks about taking the limits off a night of drinking and partying, which makes for some pretty wild and crazy moments during Canaan’s concerts.

He says, “It sets the tone for them to feel like they can dial it up when the moment feels right and when they’re in that kind of mood to just tie one on, here’s a song, here’s a soundtrack for that.”

“Hole in a Bottle” is included on Canaan Smith’s debut album, Bronco, out now.

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