Carly Pearce and Michael Ray call it quits

Quite a few fans’ worst suspicions have been realized: People confirms that Carly Pearce filed for divorce from Michael Ray on Friday.

For weeks, followers on social media have speculated about why the once-effusive couple no longer comments on each other’s posts or shares pictures together.

“This was a hard decision,” an unnamed source close to Carly tells People. “It wasn’t something she wanted to have to do. This hasn’t been a quarantine realization — it was a last resort.”

A week ago, Carly seemed to dodge a question about the status of their relationship in an interview celebrating her number one with Lee Brice on “I Hope You’re Happy Now.”

“I know that everybody keeps asking me where Michael is, but he’s just really focused on music,” Carly responded to ABC Audio’s inquiry. “And I think he’s not posting a lot and doing a lot of things just for a reason.”

“And I think I’m really proud of him for the music that he’s working on right now,” she added. “I think it’s a big evolution for him. And I think people are really gonna get to know him. And I’m happy for him in that.”

Carly went on to reveal her next single won’t be from her just-released second album. Instead, it’ll be entirely new music she’s been working on over quarantine.

So far, neither Carly or Michael has commented publicly on their pending divorce.

By Stephen Hubbard
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