Carrie Underwood Confesses Her Grammy-Nominated Song Makes Her Cry at Meet-and-Greets

ABC/Image Group LA

Monday night at the Grammys, Carrie Underwood‘s “Little Toys Guns” competes for the Best Country Solo Performance trophy. She confesses the emotional song about the power of a parent’s words is just one of her hits that can bring on the tears when she spends one-on-one time with her fans.

“I cry a lot in meet-and-greets,” she admits, “because somebody inevitably will say something about a song that’s important to them or that has affected them or made them think differently about something or gave them an ‘aha’ moment. I mean, I have songs about loss and stuff like that too. People are like, ‘This happened to my family, we lost somebody that was really important, and I’m just so glad that you sing this song because it reassures me.'”

Carrie believes one of the reasons she’s so easily touched by her fan’s reactions to her music is because she herself has often had a similar response to another artist’s work.

“It’s a regular occurrence that I’m moved by someone else being moved. That’s something that’s great about country music, is we do go there and sing about things that are real life. But even like Patty Loveless, ‘How Can I Help You Say Goodbye.’ That one was one that was a story song, kind of going through somebody’s life. I mean, that’s like I said, one of the great things about country music, because you can listen to the radio and something just really speaks to you on a personal level. It’s real,” she says.

We’ll find out if Carrie wins Monday at 8 p.m. ET as the 58th Grammys air live from Los Angeles on CBS. She’s also set to perform on the show, as part of a special collaboration with fellow nominee Sam Hunt.

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