Carrie Underwood Finds a Way to Bring Her Baby Boy, Isaiah, Along for Her Workouts

Jeremy Cowart/Sony Music Nashville

Just like any working mom, Carrie Underwood is pressed for time when it comes to fitting a workout into her busy day. That means her baby boy, Isaiah, sometimes joins her while she’s working on her fitness.

Carrie tells lifestyle site, ” I try to devote at least part of one of them (maybe even a whole hour if I’m lucky) to physical activity. Sometimes that means the little guy has to be a part of it. But, lucky for me, Isaiah loves going for walks/jogs, so he often comes along!”

Carrie’s husband is Nashville Predators hockey player Mike Fisher, so Isaiah will grow up seeing both of his parents leading extremely active lifestyles.

“Mike and I both want to be around for him as long as we can,” Carrie says of their focus on maintaining good health. “It might sound strange to think about that now when we’re only in our 30s, but better to prevent illness now than try to fight it later in life.”

Carrie goes on to say she prefers running and doing squats and push-ups to working out in a gym.  She adds, “I don’t need any fancy equipment. I can make an amazing work out with my own body weight and a Tabata timer [phone app], and I can do it anywhere!”

On the music front, Carrie’s new album, Storyteller, is out October 23 featuring the lead single, “Smoke Break.”

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