Carrie Underwood Making Sure Next Album Isn’t Full of Mushy Songs About Her Baby

Arista Nashville/Jeremy Cowart

Carrie Underwood is deeply in love with her baby boy, Isaiah, but you shouldn’t expect her next album to be full of mushy love songs to her kid. That doesn’t mean Carrie hasn’t been inspired by her son’s birth.

She explains to USA Today, “I didn’t want to force anything or have anything be cheesy or weird, like ‘Oh, she had a baby, so she’s singing about her baby.’ It just kind of happened one day.”

Carrie thinks the song about Isaiah will most likely make the album, but she’s not taking it for granted at this point. “I’ll cut anything” from the album,” Carrie says. “I have no loyalties to any song, even if it’s one I wrote.”

You can also expect to hear some new sounds from Carrie.  She adds, “I’m not going crazy or anything , but it’s a little bit of a shift.”

Carrie is expected to release the first single from the new album after her latest single, “Little Toy Guns,” finishes its march up the country radio chart.

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