Carrie Underwood Plans to Rock Decades-Inspired Looks for 50th Annual CMA Awards

ABC/Bob D’Amico

If you follow CMA co-host Carrie Underwood on social media, you know the Entertainer of the Year nominee has been teasing us by sharing super close-ups of some of the dresses she plans to wear at this year’s historic awards show.

“I had this idea, actually like months ago, about doing kinda decade-inspired wardrobe looks,” she reveals. “So I’m gonna kinda start and end the night as me, but throughout the evening, it’ll be like sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, like early 2000’s.”

But don’t expect the “Dirty Laundry” hitmaker to go too far.

“I mean, it’ll be things that look good now, so I’m not gonna like go back and, you know, dump a bottle of White Rain on my hair and like, tease it up… for eighties. Everything will still look like — it can be taken out of context and it won’t be like, ‘Why was she wearing that?’… The hair and makeup will fit. It will look good, I hope!”

Her fellow master of ceremonies, Brad Paisley, isn’t promising to be so careful.

“I may be going through the decades too, but I won’t be worried about the context of it. She can show the best of the decade, and I can show the low point,” he jokes.

You can examine Brad and Carrie’s fashion choices starting at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday, as The 50th Annual CMA Awards air live from Nashville on ABC.

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