Carrie Underwood Reveals What She Was Thinking When She Wrote “Little Toy Guns”

Image Courtesy Jeremy Cowart/Sony

New mom Carrie Underwood not only racks up her latest top ten hit as an artist with “Little Toy Guns,” she also happens to be one of the writers of the song. As she was contemplating the birth of son Isaiah, the first-time mother was also considering the impact parents’ words can have on their offspring.

“There’s these characters in the song,” she explains, “and there’s a little girl, and she hears her parents fighting, as unfortunately a lot of kids do, and you don’t really realize how that can affect your child. And I’ve seen it firsthand from different people in my life.”

While parents may not always realize the effect that what they say can have on their children, Carrie points out that the little girl in the song certainly does. “It’s basically her saying, I wish their words weren’t real. I wish they were like little toy guns, and they didn’t hurt you. So, that’s kind of what it’s about.”

Carrie returns to the CMA Music Festival stage June 13 for one of her first performances since welcoming her son into the world in February.

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