Carrie Underwood Steps Away from Her Problems in Order to Solve Them

Sony Music Nashville

Carrie Underwood‘s latest single, “Smoke Break,” is all about stepping back from the worries of your life and giving yourself some time to breathe. While Carrie doesn’t have a cigarette in her hand while she’s taking a break, she finds it incredibly useful to just sit and think when she’s facing a problem.

Carrie says, “It puts things in perspective, and you can come back and actually solve the problem. I just go somewhere where it’s quiet. You know, that’s kind of my way of handling things. Go sit out on the porch for a second. Just have a moment where nobody is talking at me, you know?”

After taking some time away from distractions, Carrie usually finds the answer to the problem was right in front of her.

She adds, “I think that’s kind of a good tool that anybody could use. Just step away from [the problem]. Go to your happy place.”

“Smoke Break” is the lead single from Carrie’s upcoming, fifth studio album, Storyteller, due out October 23.

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