Charles Kelley, Dierks Bentley & Eric Paslay Say the Grammy Odds Are in Favor of Little Big Town

Capitol Nashville

Even though new dad Charles Kelley is content to miss Monday night’s Grammys to spend time with his new son who’s only a few days old, the self-proclaimed “tall guy from Lady Antebellum” is still plenty excited for his first nomination away from Lady A, especially since he gets to share it with his pals Dierks Bentley and Eric Paslay. The three are up for Best Country Duo/Group Performance for Charles’ debut single, which Eric also co-wrote.

“It’s really cool sharing it with Charles and I’m glad that [he] put out ‘The Driver’ and had the idea and we got to catch that song together, and that Dierks heard it and wanted to be on it,” Eric says. “I think it’s just a really, really special song. I think that’s what cool about the Grammys. It doesn’t have to be super famous to get a little nod of the cap to a song or a performance, which is cool.”

Dierks agrees that it’s the quality of the song that makes “The Driver” stand out.

“I mean [it’s] one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time in Nashville, and I was honored they asked me to be the third vocalist on it,” he says. “I’m so happy for Charles. He’s so good. He’s got such a great voice — funny guy, a great personality. A great live show, and I’m just really excited he’s getting a chance to explore this and go for it and do his own thing. It’s just awesome to get a chance to explore that for a little bit while Lady A’s taking a break.”

Having discussed their nomination, though, the three have pretty well come to the conclusion that the odds are not in their favor.

“It would mean the world to me,” Charles says. “Eric’s gonna go and represent for Dierks and [me]. I just don’t see in any universe ‘The Driver’ beating out ‘Girl Crush.’ Not this year. This is Little Big Town‘s year and they are great friends of mine and they deserve it. I told them that when I heard that song it made me want to even go in the studio and start making bold music. So, yeah, it deserves to win.”

Dierks, who’s been nominated multiple times before, agrees he’d love to win but fears it may not be in the cards.

“Pulling for him!” Dierks says. “It’ll be tough, as he’ll tell you. I think we’re up against ‘Girl Crush,’ so chances are slim to none and I think Slim just left town. But the nomination counts as a win as far as I’m concerned.”

“They’ll probably beat us with ‘Girl Crush,'” Eric laughs, “which if they win — totally awesome. If somebody else wins, we’re all nominated, so they deserve it.”

But Eric does hold out a little hope. “I’ll be shocked if we win, but I believe the song could win because it’s a great song and a great performance.”

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