Check Your Phones: Randy Houser Ties the Knot in a Mississippi-Australia Wedding

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Right about now, Randy Houser should be enjoying his honeymoon. The Mississippi native married Australian beauty Tatiana Starzynski Wednesday at historic Homestead Manor in Franklin, Tennessee. His four-year-old West was the ring bearer, assisted by Randy’s beloved dog Hawk, led by groomsman Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line. The new couple exited as the duo’s new song “H.O.L.Y.” played, according to People. Just to make sure their 120 guests could concentrate, phones were checked prior to the ceremony.

Having been engaged a year, Randy admits he’s already in love with his new kinfolks “down under.”

“Tatiana has a fantastic family there, and you know her mother’s here right now. Just an amazing family that she comes from and we get to go over there and we have a ball in Australia. It’s such a beautiful place, and I feel like I have, honestly I feel like I’ve been adopted by a new family in a lot of ways.”

The “We Went” hitmaker says his new bride is to thank for a new sense of clarity in lots of areas of his life.

“My best teammate’s standing beside me,” he brags, “and that makes a ton of difference to know. I’m not looking for anything other than — now I want to live, you know? And I think that’s the biggest thing.”  

Randy’s new single, “Song Number 7,” is currently climbing the charts, on the heels of his recent number one.

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