Chris Janson Feels He’s Finally “Made It” Thanks to His Hit Single, “Buy Me a Boat”

Warner Music Nashville

Chris Janson is on track to score his first #1 hit at country radio with “Buy Me a Boat.” He performed the song on the Grand Ole Opry Tuesday night during his latest appearance on the show. That means Chris can now say he has “made it” as a country star.

He tells ABC Radio, “It’s just the epitome to me. There’s two things in country music that makes the epitome of ‘making it,’ so to speak, is one is being on country music radio, and the other one is playing the Opry.”

Chris started dreaming of playing the Grand Ole Opry while listening to the show with his great-grandfather while growing up in Missouri. He’s now performed on the Grand Ole Opry about 110 times.

“I’ve been in Nashville 10 years now,” Chris explains. “It was a huge goal of mine to [play the Opry], and every time I get to, my dream is coming true every single time I step on that stage. I’m feeling pretty blessed.”

Chris is now gearing up to release his debut album, also titled Buy Me a Boat, on October 30. He had a hand in writing every song on the project.

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