Chris Janson Just Wrote About What He Knows and Loves with “Buy Me a Boat”

Warner Music Nashville

Chris Janson and his writing partner were coming up dry the day they ended up penning his breakthrough hit, “Buy Me a Boat.” Chris’s co-writer had written down the phrase “Buy you a boat” in his notebook of song ideas. When Chris heard that, he responded, “Buy me a boat?”

“That’s literally the answer I gave,” Chris tells ABC Radio. “It was like, we stopped right there. I started playing the melody, and the song just kind of wrote itself.”

The song they ended up writing had the “I don’t care” attitude Chris was look for in a song that day.

He says of their approach, “Let’s just write about things that we know and love, and some of those things happen to be boats, trucks, Yeti coolers.”

Chris is quick to stress that “Buy Me a Boat” isn’t meant to promote materialism, but he does admit that having some money makes life a lot easier.

Says Chris, ” I don’t know any one person out there who, we don’t love money, but doesn’t like having money at some point in their life, or wishes they had more.”

Chris is currently working on a full-length album on the heels of his “Buy Me a Boat” success.

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