Chris Pratt Reveals Eric Church’s Role in Shaping His “Jurassic World” Performance


If you’ve caught Chris Pratt starring in the summer blockbuster Jurassic World, you might have noticed a little bit of Eric Church‘s trademark swagger in Chris’s performance. In an interview with GQ, Chris reveals he had “Dark Side,” a song from Eric’s album, The Outsiders, on repeat while making Jurassic World. He even said Eric’s name in a mantra he repeated before before the camera rolled: “Flow core, no TC, volume up point five, Eric Church.”

As for the rest of the mantra, GQ explains, ” ‘Flow core’ to remind him of his posture when he was paddleboarding. ‘Volume up point five’ to remind him to make his voice slightly louder. And as for ‘No TC’, that’s to remind Pratt to lead with his forehead, in a phrase only a formerly fat man would think to use: No triple chin.

Chris Pratt is on the cover of GQ’s July issue, on sale now.

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