Chris Young Changed His Entire Stage Show to Introduce His New Hit, “I’m Comin’ Over”

Sony Music Nashville

Chris Young didn’t perform his latest single, “I’m Comin’ Over,” in concert until it was available online, so he was very anxious to see what his concert crowds thought of the song. Chris admits he even changed the way he starts his show just to get that initial fan reaction to “I’m Comin’ Over.”

He explains, “The first time that I played it out, instead of doing my normal show intro where we have a big pre-roll and then the band walks on, we just did a cold intro. The house music stopped, the lights go down, the band all walked out, sat down, counted it off and started playing the song.”

Of course, the crowd loved “I’m Comin’ Over,” and Chris got a kick out of starting the show off with the new single, too.

“It was really, really cool for me,” Chris says, “’cause it’s something different and the crowd wasn’t expecting it.”

“I’m Comin’ Over” is the lead single from Chris’s upcoming fifth studio album, due out later this year.

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