Chris Young Commemorates Independence Day by Remembering Those Who’ve Fought and Served

RCA Nashville

On the 4th of July, remembering the soldiers who’ve fought for America’s freedom is especially important to Chris Young, having played quite a few shows for the troops overseas and also having several close relatives in the armed forces.

“You know, I’ve got a lot of connection to the military in my family,” he says. “My brother-in-law is still in the Marine Corps. My sister was a Marine. So, it’s important to me, and it’s something that for sure, I, one, take a lot of pride in trying to do that as much as possible. But two, it’s something that is always fun for me to be able to go over there and play and just say thanks.”

So far, Chris has taken his music to Iraq, Germany, Kuwait, Japan and South Korea, bringing “a piece of home to military,” wherever they may be stationed.

While the “I’m Comin’ Over” hitmaker strives to lighten the load of the men and women in uniform, he finds they’re one of the most giving audiences he’s ever experienced.

 “People are just so gracious. It’s like, ‘No, no, we’re over here to thank you guys.’ And it’s probably the most gracious crowd that you’ll ever be in front of,” he observes.

Chris Young’s as-yet-untitled fifth album is expected later this year.

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