Chris Young Confesses He’s a Nightmare When It Comes to Packing

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Even though Chris Young’s career is stellar enough to support a sold-out international tour like the one that just wrapped, it looks like his skills getting ready for the trip may not be quite so impressive.

“So, I pack like a dude,” he confesses. “And by that I mean anyone that has ever seen me pack just shakes their head because I take everything out of the dryer, I drop it into the bag without folding it, I zip the bag up— sometimes I have to sit on the bag to zip the bag up— and then I roll it out. And that’s it. That’s how I pack.”

Chris says if you see him wearing a suit, you can rest assured that even it didn’t receive any special treatment. 

“I wash everything, but none of it gets, like, hung up… you know, you’ll see people travelin’ for business, and they’ll take, like, the hangin’ bag, and I can’t do it. Even if I got a suit in there, I’m like, nope, just throw it in the bag. We’ll dry clean it when we get there. I can iron it. I’ll do somethin’. I definitely am a wash clothes before the trip [person], and then I come back with a whole bunch of laundry to do,” he laughs.

The “I’m Comin’ Over” hitmaker and his dirty clothes headed home from his last date in Sweden this past Thursday. His new CD of the same title comes out November 13.

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