Co-Writers Darius Rucker and Charles Kelley Celebrate Their #1 Hit, “Homegrown Honey”

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Darius Rucker is always happy to celebrate a #1 hit he wrote, but the party is even sweeter when he’s sharing the honor with a friend. Darius and pal Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum were on hand for an event in Nashville Monday afternoon celebrating the hit they co-wrote, “Homegrown Honey.”

Darius says of the achievement, “It’s awesome. One of the reasons is because it’s Charles. You know, we go back, and I’ve loved Charles for a long time.”

“Homegrown Honey” also is the first #1 hit co-written by Nathan Chapman, best known for producing Taylor Swift‘s early albums.

Darius adds, “I love the song so much. It’s really cool to be here having this party. I mean, I’m just proud of it.”

Darius’s number one party for “Homegrown Honey” was a laidback affair with food and cocktails served at a Nashville-area bar. It’s a far cry from the number one party Darius’s tour mate Brett Eldredge is planning to celebrate his hit, “Mean to Me.” Brett wants to have dinner in the sky with a full meal served to him and some guests on a platform raised on a crane 300 feet in the air.

When asked if Darius would like to be one of Brett’s guests at that dinner, he says quickly, “Absolutely not. See, the crazy stuff is long gone for Darius. Like, 15 years ago he could have gotten me up there. Right now, absolutely not.”

Darius would consider joining the party if the money was right, but he doesn’t see Brett coming up with that kind of cash.

Darius adds with a laugh, “Trust me. They’d have to say a really big number, and no one’s gonna say it for me to get up on that thing.”

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