Cole Swindell confesses he may not go “Down Home” this fall

ABC/Image Group LA

When summer ends and fall approaches, it typically means Cole Swindell is readying a new Down Home Sessions EP for his fans.

But this year, the man who’s nearing #1 with “Flatliner” isn’t so sure.

“I wish I didn’t have to think about that, cause that’s a tough topic right now,” he confesses. “We’re kinda right in the middle of deciding that…”

Cole explains, “That’s something I do want to continue to do for my fans. If we do it, it may be a different version. It may be stripped down. It may be acoustic. It may be… something different than just putting [the] best songs I have that didn’t fit on the album.”

Right now, Cole admits he’s more focused on keeping his A-list tunes for his next record.

“I think I gotta start saving some of those,” he says. “I think we put some great songs out on those Down Home Sessions, which I think has helped get me to this point. You know, this year, it’s gonna be a close call. I don’t know yet… Maybe the fans will speak up and we’ll end up doing one.”

Either way, the proud Georgia Southern alum is already turning his attention to the follow-up to You Should Be Here.

“You know, I always hear your third album’s a really… big deal… I think this next one is gonna be a big opportunity, so I want to make sure I’m focused 100% on giving all that I got on that album.”

So far, Cole’s put out three Down Home Sessions EPs. “Flatliner” is on track to become the seventh #1 of his career.

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