Cole Swindell Gets Ready to Wrap Burn It Down Tour with Jason Aldean

Warner Music Nashville

After a two-week stint in Canada, Cole Swindell wraps up his summer dates with Jason Aldean this week in West Palm Beach, Florida. For Cole, getting to go out on the Burn It Down tour has been especially meaningful, since he’s a longtime fan of the headliner.

“I was a huge, and still am, a huge Jason Aldean fan, you know. Like I remember when ‘Hicktown’ came out and buying that first album and every album after that, loving every song that never got released to radio of his,” he recalls. “And now, he’s asked me out on tour. I don’t know. I think just being a fan and knowing that I got the chance to tour with somebody I’m a big fan of is something I’ll always remember.”

The “Let Me See Ya Girl” hitmaker says his favorite moment of the night comes when he gets to take the stage with Jason and sing “The Only Way I Know” with him. “I get to go up every night and at the end of the song I get to say, ‘The reason we’re all here!’ and point at Jason Aldean.”

Cole won’t have a lot of downtime once he finishes his work with Jason. He releases his second Down Home Sessions CD on November 6, before cranking up his own five-week headlining tour November 11 in New York City.

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