Cole Swindell reflects on the Grammy-nominated “Break Up in the End”: I “wish I hadn’t lived it, wish I had written it!”

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Cole Swindell marked his latest #1, “Break Up in the End,” with a party Wednesday evening at Topgolf in Nashville.

It was also a bit of a pre-Grammy celebration, since the tune — one of the rare chart-toppers Cole didn’t write himself — is up for Best Country Song, an award that goes to the writers.

“I wanted to get it to the top, but not just that — a Grammy nomination!” Cole observes. “Nobody can ever take that away…”

“This song, it hit me hard enough to make me want to record it, make me wish I hadn’t lived it, wish I had written it,” Cole laughed, hinting at how personal it is for him.

“To have written most of my singles… that’s a blessing,” he reflects. “But for people to believe in you enough to give you a song that means the world to them — and I know how that feels — it’s even more special.”

The Georgia native still has some Grammy dreams of his own, however.

“Before I ever moved to Nashville,” Cole recalls, “I was hanging out one night, and we ended up over at [songwriter] Hillary Lindsey‘s place. And she had a Grammy for, I think, a Carrie Underwood song up there.”

“And I remember just seeing that and being like, ‘I just want to write a song…'” Cole admits. “The Grammy, that might not ever be in my future… That’s the biggest stars in music,” he says humbly.

Ultimately, Cole’s just happy for the success of his friends, Jessie Jo Dillon, Chase McGill, and Jon Nite.

“I love country music… but to… have sung a song… [that’s] nominated for a Grammy… to be a small part of it… it’s amazing, actually.”

Jessie, Chase, and Jon are all headed to Los Angeles for Sunday night’s ceremony.

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