Cole Swindell Wondered if His Latest Hit, “Let Me See Ya Girl,” Would Ever See the Light of Day

Warner Music Nashville

Cole Swindell wasn’t even sure his current hit, “Let Me See Ya Girl,” would ever see the light of day when he first wrote it.

He says, “This song is one, honestly, I never thought would have made the album because it started off as such a hip-hop groove song.”

As he started testing the song out on his concert crowds, Cole found that his fans were going crazy for “Let Me See Ya Girl.”

“It’s one of my favorites to play live,” Cole says. “[It’s] just a feel-good thing about being in a club and wanting to get out of there, so you could hear what the girl was saying and wanting to see her dance in the Tennessee moonlight.”

“Let Me See Ya Girl” is the fourth single from Cole’s self-titled debut album, available now.

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