Could Chris Janson’s “Fix a Drink” be the song of the summer?

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Chris Janson is hoping his new single, “Fix a Drink,” is one you’ll have on repeat this summer.

Ironically, the infectious tune came to life during a session where the “Buy Me a Boat” hitmaker and songwriter Chris DuBois just weren’t getting anywhere.

“[We] were sitting on the back porch… smoking cigars, drinking Mt. Dews and we were working on a song and trying to woodshed one out…” Janson recalls. “And he goes, ‘Hey man, screw this. I got something!’”

“And he… played me a little snippet of what they had. All they had literally was ‘I can fix a drink,’” Chris says, singing the song’s hook. “Half of it was mumbling, and I went ‘Oh my God, that’s smash! I just love it!'”

One of the reasons Chris loves “Fix a Drink” so much is that it bears a certain similarity to the song that put him on the map.

“With ‘Buy Me a Boat’… when every country audience that you play for, they’re like, ‘Oh, I know that song.’ And even people who don’t know my face know the song. It’s crazy,” he says of the reaction to his chart-topper from 2015.

“And I remember how cool that felt having a song like that, and a song that organically grew like ‘Buy Me a Boat.’ And I kinda just had the notion that ‘Fix a Drink’ may be that sort of song.”

The five-song Fix a Drink EP comes out June 9, with Chris’s sophomore album to follow later this year.

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