Country Music Odyssey: Maren Morris Wants to Take You on a “Hero”‘s Journey

Columbia Nashville

With her country anthem, “My Church,” racking up multiple weeks in the top ten and night number one under her belt of Keith Urban’s Ripcord World Tour, there’s perhaps no better time for Maren Morris to finally get to put out her first major-label album.

“I feel like I’ve had these ideas in my head about the record for so long, so seeing them finalized and becoming a reality — it’s amazing! I wanted the cover to feel very throwback and vinyl-looking,” she says of Hero, whose photos were shot at East Nashville hipster hangout The Crying Wolf.

As for what happens on Hero after “Hank brings the sermon and Cash leads the choir,” the Texas native says you just have to climb aboard for the odyssey.

“We’ve got some, like, major heartbreak towards the end, some really, like, ballsy, fun stuff at the beginning. So it’s gonna take you on a little journey, but it’s really fun and just honest.”  

Maren’s debut full-length effort for Columbia Nashville is new in stores and online today, with an exclusive edition including three bonus tracks available at Target.

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