Dan + Shay bit by the acting bug while working on “The Shack” soundtrack


Dan + Shay have been an integral part of the success of the movie The Shack, and their involvement in the project has gotten the duo contemplating a move into acting.

The duo’s contribution to the movie’s soundtrack, “When I Pray for You,” helped make it a recent #1 Billboard country album.  The song also cracked the top 20 on the Hot Christian Songs chart.  Now, Dan and Shay say they’d like to do more soundtrack work, and even try their skills in front of the camera.

“If that ever comes across, you know, where we get a chance to be in a movie, we would definitely take it.” Dan Smyers tells ABC Radio. “And definitely [we] would love to do more movie soundtrack stuff ’cause this was a really cool way to go about writing, and being inspired to write, a song.”

But Shay Mooney notes that after observing the actual actors who appeared in the video for their song “How Not To,” he has a newfound appreciation for how difficult it is to be on camera.

“Watching them work, it gives you a new perspective and a new respect for those people, acting is really, really hard.” he tells ABC Radio. “Obviously, everyone knows that, but, even more so if you’ve never seen it up-close and personal and watched them work.”

He adds, “It’s an incredible talent and we both tip our hats to those people who do such a good job with that.”

The duo adds that they really admire Tim McGraw, one of the stars of The Shack, for being able to make the transition from music to acting so well.

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