Dan+Shay Admit “From the Ground Up” Is Already Shaping Up to Be the Wedding Song of the Summer

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For Dan+Shay, there’s no doubt their fast-rising track, “From the Ground Up,” was the right choice as the lead single from their forthcoming second album — even though it may not have been what lots of folks were expecting.

“It’s definitely the most special song we’ve ever written,” Dan Smyers says. “And we’ve heard people say that. We’ve heard people say, ‘Oh we thought it was going to be an up-tempo, you know, whatever, whatever.'”

When the two surveyed their progress so far on their sophomore effort, they felt like it was obvious which song should be the follow-up to their first number one, “Nothin’ Like You.”

“At the end of the day, we always say, ‘Let the best song win.’ And that song was just what moved us emotionally and everybody around us,” Dan recalls. “Whether it was a 6/8 ballad or whether it was an uptempo summertime party song, it was the best song we had in our batch, and we couldn’t be more proud of it. To finally get it out there and have the reaction be so positive, and just hearing people’s reactions and how it’s touching their souls is really cool for us. “

Musical partner Shay Mooney says the romantic ballad is already finding its place as a sentimental favorite for those about to walk down the aisle.

“We’ve already had people [say], ‘You know this is gonna to be our wedding song.’ And the night that it came out, we already had people [be] like, ‘This is our wedding song! This is definitely gonna be it,'” he reveals.

The two prove they can’t be serious for very long, even when they’re talking about how much it means to them to be able to impact their fans’ lives through their songs.

“You know, music is so powerful,” Shay reflects. “You know, we talk about this all the time, how, you know, we remember listening to songs growing up. Those same songs still affect us today, they’re so powerful. Even though that was years ago, and you hear that song, it’s just, you go back to those memories and things like that.” “I go back…” Dan interrupts, breaking into song. “I was actually thinking of that song, ‘I Go

Dan+Shay will perform “From the Ground Up” on Good Morning America Friday, March 18 on ABC. Album number two from the duo is due later this year. 

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