Dan+Shay Say Everyday Should Be Valentine’s Day

Warner Nashville

With their romantic new ballad, “From the Ground Up,” written about the lifelong romances of their grandparents, it’s not too surprising that Dan+Shay sound like they’d probably make good valentines. Shay in particular isn’t shy to show his thoughtful side.

“For me, and this is the romantic in me. This is what I would say to a girl: ‘Baby, everyday is Valentine’s Day.”

But he admits he’s skeptical of the commercialism of the holiday. “I think it’s super-hyped. I get it, but I don’t know…I’m a let’s-hang-out-together, I’m a spend-some-time-with-ya kinda guy. I don’t want them to spend any money on me.”

“Sip a little wine with ya?” Dan adds, interjecting some humor.

“Yeah! Sip a lil wine wid ya!” Shay laughs. “I think it’s more of, you know spending time with them. But I think everyday should be Valentine’s Day. It should always be that sweet and awesome.”

“That’s a great stand-alone quote right there,” Dan says, mocking his musical partner ever so slightly. “Shay Mooney:  ‘Everyday should be Valentine’s Day!'”

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