Dan+Shay’s Number One Has Fans Showing Up in Purple Untied Shoestrings and Rock and Roll T-Shirts

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For Dan+Shay, there’s a certain symmetry to their success. You see, they found out “Nothin’ Like You” is number one three years to the day they met and started working together. The duo got acquainted at a party at Dan Smyers’ apartment, Shay Mooney ended up staying all night playing music, and they started writing songs the next day. 

Dan says their first chart-topper is really a pretty good representation of what the two are like. “It’s kinda this cool tale of just accepting someone for who they are, for all their individual quirks. And that’s who we are you know– we are not very materialistic guys. If you love somebody, you love somebody for who they are inside and that song is a cool tale of all these visual things and meeting somebody in a random place and just falling in love with them and not trying to tell them what to do and just going with the flow.”

The duo says it’s been interesting to see all the visual elements in the song start showing up on the fans who come to their concerts.

“I think it paints this cool picture, especially in the chorus of just this kinda girl who’s quirky and wearing these purple untied shoestrings,” Dan says.

“Would you say she’s just the right kind of crazy?” Shay chimes in.

“I would say so, yeah,” Dan agrees. “It’s funny. A lot of those visuals have been things that translate to our shows. We have people showing up in their Converse with their untied shoestrings or like a rock and roll T-shirt, so that’s really fun.”

And if you’re wondering which band’s T-shirt the two have in mind– they agree it would be Guns ‘N Roses.

Dan+Shay’s first album, Where It All Began, debuted at number one on the Billboard album chart when it was released last April.

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