David Nail’s Halloween Twin Tales: An Unhappy Pumpkin and the Coolest Scarecrow You’ve Ever Seen

MCA Nashville

As David Nail walked the red carpet at Monday night’s ASCAP Country Music Awards, he’d just come from attending an even bigger event — his twins Lawson and Lillian’s first Halloween.

We had a pumpkin tonight and we had a scarecrow, and I have to say, my little girl, she wasn’t as fired up about it as my boy was,” David said. “I don’t know that he was necessarily fired up. I think he was trying to figure out what exactly was on his nose. My wife had this black eyeliner… where she made his nose black. He was definitely the coolest scarecrow I’ve ever seen in my life. He had straw, everything, like coming out of his pockets of his overalls.”

Even though Lillian wasn’t very fond of her pumpkin get-up, David confessed there’s a sweet story behind the costume.

“You know, I swore up and down that I was not going to call my kids those weird names that people call their kids, but I always called her a pumpkin, and there’s a little song that I sing to her where I say pumpkin and it can solve a lot of problems, temporarily at least. So my wife just felt like it was fitting that she was a pumpkin.”

The Nail twins will celebrate their first birthday on December 12. Meanwhile, their dad’s second single from his album Fighter, “Good at Tonight,” features Brothers Osborne.

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