Dierks Bentley Encouraging His Three Kids’ Love for Music

Nino Munoz

All three of Dierks Bentley‘s kids are showing signs of musical inclination. His oldest daughter, Evie, plays the piano, while his middle daughter, Jordan, plays the violin.

Dierks jokes, “I keep telling her it’s the fiddle. She’s like, ‘It’s the violin!’ I’m like, ‘It’s the fiddle!'”

His baby boy, Knox, loves to blow on his little harmonica, too. Dierks looks forward to seeing his kids continue studying music.

He says, “We’re fortunate where they’re going to be in school where they can play music — you know, [they] have that possibility to do that.”

Of course, Dierks’ kids are around music all the time when they visit their dad on the road. This year’s show features a lot of pyrotechnics, so Dierks and his wife, Cassidy, are taking steps to protect the little ones’ hearing.

“It’s a big show this year,” Dierks says. “We’ve got the headphones for the kids. They’ll probably be using them a little more.”

Dierks admits he’s still not used to having all those fireworks going off during his live show. He says, “I’m still scared up there sometimes. Not exactly sure when it hits even though we’ve done all these rehearsals. It still kind of shocks me when some of the bigger stuff explodes.”

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