Dierks Bentley Increases the Mystery Surrounding “Black” with “What the Hell Did I Say”

Capitol Nashville

Dierks Bentley continues to give us a sneak peek at his new album Black, due May 27, with the second of four artsy, black-and-white short films set to songs from the record.

The first, “I’ll Be the Moon,” introduced us to a young woman who’s cheating on her live-in boyfriend with another man. In the latest installment, “What the Hell Did I Say”, her lover ponders what he may have said during a late-night drunk-dial.  

“’What the Hell Did I Say’ [is] a pretty rocking song off the record that a lot of people can relate to because we all know what happens when phones, alcohol and regrets mix together,” Dierks muses. “Everyone’s wondered what they may have said the night before or on a bender. The music helps balance out those feelings the next morning and I love the way [director] Wes [Edwards] was able to capture the turmoil of this song with three different perspectives.”

The conclusion of the video ups the ante on the drama, as the boyfriend appears to answer his sleeping partner’s phone. You can check out “What the Hell Did I Say” now, with the third installment, “Pick Up,” coming April 29. The lead single from Black, “Somewhere on a Beach,” is quickly advancing toward number one. 

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