Dierks Bentley, Jon Pardi and C-O-A-L Swindell “Attack the Stage” on the What the Hell Tour Tonight

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Tonight in Dayton, Ohio, Dierks Bentley hits the stage for the first show on his What the Hell Tour with Jon Pardi and Cole Swindell.

Even though Dierks also appears on Cole’s new single, “Flatliner,” he admits their entire relationship is based on a misunderstanding.

“I’ve known Cole for a long time,” he recalls. “He’s still in my phone as C-O-A-L, Coal. And then it says, ‘Luke Bryan,’ because he was Luke’s guy, you know. He was selling T-shirts for Luke. I just thought his name was Coal, like a piece of rock. I haven’t changed it, because I just love that he’s still in there like that, and he loves that too!” Dierks laughs.

Along the way, Cole has made no secret of the fact that Dierks is one of his major inspirations.

“He’s told me so many times that I’m the reason why he moved to town to write songs, enough to where I actually kind of semi-believe him…,” Dierks says. “It’s a special thing for him, special thing for me, to have someone out there that really I’ve… been cheering on for so long, who’s obviously killing it,” he adds.

Dierks believes both Cole and Jon Pardi have what it takes to make this an unforgettable year on the road.

“You have to go out there and be someone that’s gonna try to crush the show every night, and you want to win, and you want to take those fans with you, and you’re going after it,” he explains. “You’re not just out there to party. You’re out there to try to attack the stage and go for those fans.”

After taking on Dayton tonight, Dierks, Cole and Jon attack the stage in Louisville, Kentucky on Friday, before moving to Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on Saturday.

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