Dierks Bentley plans to enter 2021 “in stride”

ABC – At the end of the whirlwind year that was 2020, Dierks Bentley is looking forward to a mellow New Year’s Eve.

Dierks recalls that New Years past have been spent partying after playing a live show, and admits that the back-to-back events can be a bit overwhelming.

“New Year’s is rough. New Year’s hurts no matter what’s going on,” he says. “I’ve played a lot of New Year’s shows, but I’ve honestly found that it’s not my favorite night to throw down.”

Admittedly feeling exhausted after a show, Dierks says he often relishes in the low-key New Year’s celebrations that don’t include a hangover the next morning.

“A lot of times on New Year’s, I’m looking for a really mellow hang, a good party, good friends, pretty chill. Some of my best New Year’s have been actually hearing fireworks go off while I’m in bed,” he continues.

To ring in 2021, the “Burning Man” hitmaker plans to take it easy with his family as they retreat in Colorado, hoping to enter the new year with a sense of rejuvenation.

“The goal this year is to go into it feeling pretty good and the kids help with that, because you really just don’t want to be hungover with children. It’s not a good feeling,” he describes. “You would probably admit to any crime to get them, just feel better, and get them leave you alone. So, [I’m] gonna try to hit New Year’s this year in stride.”

Dierks is entering the new year with a top-25 hit on his hands, as his current single, “Gone,” climbs the charts.

By Cillea Houghton
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