Dierks Bentley’s Somewhere on a Beach Tour: Cam Wants to Party, Guys Wanna Golf

ABC/Image Group LA

While the first day of summer may actually be more than a month away, for Dierks Bentley, it officially starts tonight, as he kicks off his Somewhere on a Beach Tour in Holmdel, New Jersey. Along for the ride is “Burning House” hitmaker Cam, who is definitely ready to get this party started.

“I feel like it’s just gonna be a party, but not like a raucous party, like a fun party,” she predicts. “You know, not like an overwhelming party, but a fun party. Like, Dierks is just such a good human being, but he also, like, drinks and has a good time. So I feel like it’s gonna be — I just think it’s gonna be, like, a crazy amount of fun!”

While it’s convenient that Dierks-tour veteran Randy Houser happens to have his recent number one “We Went” to his credit, it’s quite possible the boss may’ve brought him along simply to hit the links.

“We like to go play golf. We probably play golf at least once a weekend, you know, whenever we’re on tour,” the recently married Houser says. “We’ve toured on I think three different tours together so this is when we get to spend all summer, and I’m really excited about it ‘cause we have become good buddies over the years, you know, touring together and we just always have a blast. He is the best!”

Newcomer Tucker Beathard, who’s enjoying his first top-30 hit with “Rock On” right now, rounds out the bill. Dierks is also bringing along the Black bus, to give fans a preview of his new record that drops May 27.

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