Dolly Parton Offers an Alternate Version of “Coat of Many Colors” on DVD

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

On Tuesday, Dolly Parton’s most recent triumph makes its way to DVD. When Coat of Many Colors premiered on NBC last December, close to 16 million people watched it, making it the most successful movie made for broadcast TV in more than six years.  

“It’s always been a favorite song of mine, and a true story, and people had always said to me, ‘Why don’t you do that as a movie?’ So one day I thought, ‘Well, I ain’t gettin’ no younger. I better do it if I’m gonna live to see it!’” the legend from East Tennessee jokes. “So, we did it last year and it got great ratings, got really a lot of wonderful response because of the family and faith-based stuff on TV. You ain’t seeing much of that anymore, which I kinda miss myself.”

The home video version of Coat of Many Colors includes an alternate cut of the film, with deleted scenes and other extras.

“They did a lot of scenes that were left out,” Dolly says. “We used a lot of scenes that didn’t make it, some interviews, the kind of making of the movie. So it’s really got a lot of interesting things in it. [It would] be a nice Mother’s Day present, since it is about Mama.”

Both Dolly and Jennifer Nettles, who starred as Parton matriarch Avie Lee in the movie, have confirmed that plans are moving ahead for another film that would continue the story of the close-knit family from the Smoky Mountains, this one set at Christmas.

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