Dolly Parton Reveals She Has Three Movies and a Potential Series in the Works at NBC

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The world will gets its first taste of Dolly Parton‘s new double album, Pure & Simple with Dolly’s Biggest Hits, when she makes the track “Mama” available in conjunction with the DVD release of her hit movie, Coat of Many Colors, on May 3The prolific songwriter reveals there’s already a sequel to the film in the works, as part of the four-picture deal she signed with NBC last year.

“Hopefully we’re going to get to do some more things. We’re hoping we might get to do a sequel for Christmas next year about a Christmas story from the family. And a lot of people keep saying, ‘You should do a series.’ I say, ‘Well, we’ll see. If they pay me enough, I will!'” she laughs.

Dolly’s also hard at work on the next movie based on one of her hit songs, although she admits some folks have been worried it won’t have the wholesome appeal of her movie that was such a hit last December.

“We’re working on Jolene now, and of course, I make jokes and talk about my husband having a crush on a girl at the bank, when we first got married. That part was true, but I kept him! And people said, ‘Oh, Coat of Many Colors was just so great and it was so faith-based, so you’re certainly not going to do Jolene now and she’s not gonna be trashy, is she?’ I said, ‘Well, she certainly is!'” she laughs. “I said, ‘Maybe she can become a Christian later!'” she jokes.

The Country Music Hall of Famer feels like “Jolene” is as valid a part of her musical history as the songs based on her life, like “Coat of Many Colors.”

“I’m a girl of many colors and my songs are my songs and my stories are my stories, but there will certainly be some redeeming qualities in it,” she says of the Jolene movie, “but it’s not going to be like The Coat of Many Colors. So when it’s about Jolene stealing the husband, she’s gonna be an adulteress! So that’s how that’s gonna be so — I’m not in it! I’m not being her!” she says, breaking into laughter again. “I might look like I might be, but I’m not doing it!”

The next film in the series will be based on Dolly’s spiritual hit that went to number 2 in 1975.

“We’re doing actually a movie on ‘The Seeker.’ It’s a faith-based story, kind of about a Christ-type figure that travels the world trying to find himself, but also having the gift and trying to help people. Kinda like Highway to Heaven and Touched by an Angel, that type of thing. So we’re gonna do that, and if that does well as a movie, we’d like to make that into a series.”

The global superstar adds that one of the reasons she wanted to go ahead and tour this year is so she can be free to work on the potential television series next year. Dolly’s set to do an extensive trek around the U.S. and Canada this summer. Her new recording is due then too.

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