“Don’t freak out” and “buy 1000 rolls of toilet paper”: Craig Morgan’s thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic

BBR Music Group/Nate Griffin

Craig Morgan is just one of the country stars who’s asking their fans to “adhere to the guidance set forth by the government” by “staying at home” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If there’s an upside, he says it’s that he’s been “all over” his farm in Dickson, Tennessee.

“Sadly, it took something like this for me to get a lot of work done… so I’ve spent a lot of time on my tractor,” he admits.

The “That’s What I Love About Sunday” hitmaker hopes folks will take a level-headed approach to the crisis.

“I’ve been telling everybody, ‘Do what you’re told. Don’t freak out,'” he explains.

“You don’t have to buy 1000 rolls of toilet paper,” he adds. “I think people should’ve been a little more respectful of others when it comes to doing that.”

Meanwhile, Craig says he “feel[s] for everybody” who’s losing work because of the crisis. At the same time, the Army veteran has a mostly positive reaction to the way things are being handled.

“I think the government, for the most part, has done a great job,” Craig says. “And we’ve just gotta get through this, and I think we will.”

Ultimately, Craig sees a lot of “hope” for the situation.

“We also shouldn’t downplay the severity of what we’re dealing with…” he cautions. “And music is part of that. We’re waiting on medicines, we’re waiting on information. Those are the things that are really gonna change what’s happening in people’s lives.”

“But hopefully when people have the opportunity to listen to some music, it inspires them to have hope, and find the light.”

Craig’s new album, featuring his iTunes #1, “The Father, My Son, and the Holy Ghost,” reunites him with Broken Bow, his longtime label, and is expected later this year.

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