Dustin Lynch Admits He Practiced Signing Autographs Before Becoming a Country Star


Dustin Lynch spent a lot of time writing songs and practicing guitar in preparation for his career as a country star. He was so set on making it in the music business, Dustin even admits to practicing signing his autograph.

He tells ABC Radio, “Man, signing autographs was nerve-racking. Man, how do I sign my name? You don’t think about that. I want it to look cool.”

Now that he’s been signing autographs for a few years, Dustin has noticed his signature has changed as fans have him sign the same T-shirt  each time they see him.

“I’ll have people come back with the same shirt, our first T-shirt we sold, and they’ve seen me five times, and you can see the progression of my autograph,” Dustin explains. “It’s a lot more round and loopy now than it was. Used to, it was a D, a line, an L and then a line, and now it’s just a D and an L. Now, I’m really efficient.”

While the latest version of his autograph looks fancy, Dustin is most concerned with making sure he can sign his name really quickly.

He says, “For me, you want to hit as many people as you can.”

Dustin’s latest single, “Hell of a Night,” could hit #1 at country radio over the weekend.

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