Dustin Lynch Got the Go-Ahead from a Higher Power to Cuss on His Latest Hit, “Hell of a Night”


Dustin Lynch is the grandson of a preacher, so you might wonder how he got away with writing and recording his latest hit, “Hell of a Night.” It turns out Dustin never really considered “hell” to be a cuss word.

He tells ABC Radio, “I thought it was a place. I grew up thinking it was a place.”

Regardless of where you fall on the word “hell” being a profanity, Dustin is resting easy knowing he’s not going to get in trouble with his family for using that word.

He says with a laugh, “My grandad’s a preacher. [His wife], my grandmom said, ‘Hell of a night.’ I was like, ‘Well, if she can say it it’s all right. We’re alright.”

Dustin adds that “Hell of a Night” is doing exactly what he intended for it to do when he added it to his live show.

“It’s that high-octane, rocking thing. We’re on the road non-stop playing big festivals, and with Luke [Bryan], these big stadiums and then fairs and clubs. Everybody’s there to party and have fun. So, this is that type of song that gets everybody up and ready to rock.”

Dustin is currently in the studio starting work on his third album. He’s looking for even more songs like “Hell of a Night” to help keep his concerts rocking and fun for the audience.

Says Dustin, “It takes a certain type of song to get people up and moving, and Luke’s got 80 minutes of those, and we’ve got a couple of songs under our belt now that’ll do that.”

Dustin will kick off his own Hell of a Night tour November 14 in Richmond, Virginia.

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